Sunday, September 15, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Because I was having so many problems with my computer this week I had to play catch up on my week in the life. It was so much fun this week and I wish I would have taken more pictures but maybe next time.
Here is my Week in the Life: Tuesday
It consisted of:
  • Decided to sport the American romper.
  • Taking Lexi to daycare.
  • Work: testing the kids on literacy
  • Flowers from my husband. Totally unexpected which is the best kind
  • Doing laundry
  • Lexi loves playing the IPAD
  • Eating a Popsicle with my favorite girl.
  • Getting Vikings clothing for Lexi in the mail. All set for Sunday.
  • We took Lexi to the park where she loves going down the slide and running in the grass. 
  • The picture of Louie was taken by Lexi. She already loves the camera.  
Next was Week in the life: Wednesday
  • Wake up and see my silly girl
  • Get ready for work. I had a scarf on that day and Lexi was trying to make her blanket into a scarf too. It was so cute. Had to have a picture. 
  • Then it started to sprinkle and saw this beautiful rainbow. Great way to start the day.
  • Chris was out fishing this day so my dad and Hunter decided to come over and say hi. Hunter and Lexi were so cute chasing each other all over the place. 
  • Little family dinner when Chris got home.
  • Early to bed for Lexi. She was so tired.
Week in the Life: Thursday
  • Lexi would not wake up this day. I went into her room and she would not get up. I lifted her up and still snoring away. At least I got some cuddles in before she awoke.
  • Then we were off to daycare. I love that she can walk right in now. So much easier.
  • After school we headed to the library in her cool shades.
  • Once Chris got home we went for a walk. Chris pulled crabby Lexi in the wagon and I got to walk Zeke. Surprisingly Zeke was calm and walked nicely. Lexi on the hand gave Chris a tough time and cried the whole way. Not the best walk ever. 
  • Louie and Baby (the cats) enjoying us being home
Finally the last catch up day Week in the Life: Friday
  • End of the work week. We both had meetings to go to and Lexi went to daycare. Although meeting are not the best time I love going to lunch with the girls.
  • After school we all kind of laid around and watch Big Brother. My favorite show that Chris is not watching too. Love it.
  • Supper was special tonight because we met up with our close friends for pizza and drinks. I love hanging out with them. They are so fun and everyone is so close. All the kids do a great job of helping take care of Lexi since she is the baby.
  • We finished the night off by lounging in the family room. It really can't get better than this. 
Now I am all caught up and ready to complete my project. I can 't wait to get all my pictures developed from my camera, instagram and the ones from my Polaroid. Here is to the weekend.

    Saturday, September 14, 2013

    Week in the Life:Monday

    This week I decided to participate in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life. I have tried the project in the past and I love how you look so much more closely at your day. It’s great to look back at the everyday stuff that makes up your life. I decided to fill out Week in the Life papers about observations, things you overheard throughout the day, things you are grateful for and your favorite moments. All of this can be found on her website and printed off.
    I am going to take the photos and create spread each day to document all the little moments.
    So here is to Monday.

    Time to wake up! Lexi woke up around 6:15 and we watch a little of the baby channel. She definitely likes to cuddle a little bit before she is ready to get up. After awhile it was time for all of us to get up and get ready. Asa, her best friend, is so cute with her and loves her so much.

    All ready for work and daycare. Of course I couldn’t get the binkie out of her mouth. I am never going to get that thing away.

    One last photo before we take off. Love this girl!

    Back to work! Getting ready for the kids to come. It was a hot day, almost to hot to teach. We got out early all last week and I was hoping for another early release, but we made the best of it.

    Tonight I tried a recipe from Pinterest, Philly Steak Sandwich. Mine was just veggies and it was great. I wanted to start cooking at least one new thing from all the recipes that I Pin on Pinterest. We will see how it goes.

    Everyday Lexi comes home and says dog and wants to know where he is. She loves to cuddle with him so much and he is so good with her. Our animals have been so patient with her.

    Loving on Daddy.

    Louie trying to get as much attention as possible. He is all about cuddling.

    Story time with Daddy. She loves this farm book she got from her aunt. I think this girl would live on a farm if she could.

    Bath time with Lexi. This is our ritual every night. I sit and listen to all of the stories from the day and the cats come in and out to visit us. 

    Child to bed and time for us to relax and have some time for ourselves.
    I really enjoyed doing this put wish my computer was working so I could of posted all week. 

    Monday, August 5, 2013

    July in a “Instant”

    IMG_0469[1]IMG_0493[1]IMG_0492[1] IMG_0491[1] IMG_0490[1] IMG_0489[1] IMG_0488[1]IMG_0487[1] IMG_0486[1] IMG_0485[1] IMG_0483[1] IMG_0482[1] IMG_0469[1] IMG_0481[1] IMG_0480[1] IMG_0479[1] IMG_0478[1] IMG_0470[1] IMG_0477[1] IMG_0476[1] IMG_0475[1] IMG_0471[1] IMG_0472[1] IMG_0473[1]

    July Breakdown:

    Lexi is such a binkie girl.

    Summer is the best time to get outside and do things!

    My sister and I have grown so much closer in the last few years. Love this!

    Redbull is my vice and apparently Lexi wants it too.

    Vegas was a blast but only want to experience it once.

    Fourth of July is one of my top favorite holidays. Friends, family and fireworks.

    Lexi loves to explore new things.

    I can’t get enough pictures of my daughter.

    Most of all I am so glad to have the summer off to be able to wind down and enjoy a time of no schedules and alarms. But I can’t believe how fast it goes. Soon we will be getting ready to go back to school and back to daycare. My favorite part of July was our vacation to Vegas and all this extra time with Lexi. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Tuesday, July 30, 2013

    Preserving Memories


    My most favorite thing to do is make and preserve memories. I love experiencing new things. From traveling to new destinations to learning how to do something new. All these things make up who we are and  I now want to show my child everything this life has to offer her too.

    Along the way I want to preserve our memories. Not just the big events and holidays but everyday life too. I have always loved taking photos but the last couple of years I have learned a little more about taking photos and videos and how to preserve them.

    Some ways I have chosen to preserve these memories is by simplify taking photos. I use my phone, IPOD, IPAD, Sony point and shoot camera, Canon DSL, 2 Instax cameras. Oh and of course Instagram and photobooths. Before I use to take the 1 posed picture and that is it. Now I want a variety of pictures and not only do I want the posed picture, but I want the candid moments, the everyday stuff and pictures of myself as well. I think this is the hardest one because I almost feel weird taking photos of just myself but I know that I need to tell my story as well as my family. So hopefully this gets easier.

    IMG_0424[1]  IMG_0422[1] IMG_0081[1]  IMG_0413[1] IMG_0150[1]  IMG_0402[1] IMG_0269[1](

    (These pictures are from a variety of cameras of variety different things.)

    I use most of the equipment above and my flip camera to record everyday videos and milestones. My goal is to make a yearly video with clips and pictures of our families’ everyday life. I have so many of Lexi’s first milestones on camera and I am so happy that I can look back and those anytime and see them. Then when she gets older she will have all those moments. I know I can tell her stories but the real footage is priceless.

    Day in the Life of baby Lexi. So simple so cute.

    Not only do I record the memory on film and video but I also use this blog as a journal of all the experiences. I have struggled with keeping up with posts but I am only writing this for me so I think that has helped me take the pressure off how many posts I have. I want to be able to go back and look at this and read about things that I might normally have forgotten. Again the everyday stuff. Some of my favorite posts are mother daughter day, Mexico Minibook, and Currents.

    The last thing I do is scrapbook. A couple years ago I started watching Julie and Julia and thought I should start a blog too. I began to do some research online and came across this blog called Dear Lizzy. I was mesmerized by her photos and her scrapbook pages. I keep thinking how neat it would be to go back and see all those pages and relieve all those memories. The part I liked most was it was a great hobby to be able to add your own creative touch and preserve all your memories at the same time. After that I started finding many great scrapbookers’ blogs and then took a few online classes and now it is a hobby I love and enjoy. Before I had all these pictures in a box and never looked back. Now I have a collection of great memories and many photo books.

    IMG_0425[1] Let the fun in the sun begin-2011 

    I guess the reason why I try so many different ways to preserve our memories is because I want to remember everything and I want to be able to look back on those moments that can never be reproduced again. 

    Saturday, July 27, 2013

    Vegas Baby!!

    Vegas 1

    Every two years we take a vacation with our close group of friends. Mexico, Punta Cana and now Las Vegas. Adults only! I love this time together and I love being able to get away with Chris. The only downside is leaving Lexi for the first time. It completely tugged at my heart strings to leave her but I know that its good to get away too. She had so much fun being able to spend time with her aunt and cousins too.

    I love being able to travel and go to places that I have not been before. Scratch them off the Bucket List! I think Vegas is a place that every adult needs to visit at least once. I am not a big gambler but the experience was amazing. The hotels and shops are just so over the top. Each one is so unique and interesting. We stayed at the Monte Carlo which was perfect, not too big and not too busy. My favorite hotel was the Bellagio. We watched the water show three times and each time was amazing.


    The whole day seems to last forever. I don’t think I can hang like I use to. We went to the pool in the morning and afternoon, walked around, ate, gambled and drank a few beers along the way. It was a lot of go go go but I loved to get out there and see everything I can.

    DSC05694DSC05695DSC05698DSC05702DSC05703DSC05711DSC05704DSC05721DSC05725DSC05718DSC05714DSC05723DSC05726DSC05734DSC05741DSC05742DSC05745DSC05754DSC05759DSC05751DSC05755DSC05777DSC05771DSC05761DSC05762DSC05785DSC05786DSC05787DSC05784DSC05780DSC05798DSC05795vegas 2DSC05803

    Goodbye Vegas! It was a great experience and I’m glad we did it. What’s next? I think Cabo in two years to celebrate our friends 20th Anniversary.